Reduction of Chemical Load of Agricultural Solis by Effective Application of Fertilizer Sprayers in Relationton to Cultivated Crops

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Reduction of Chemical Load of Agricultural Solis by Effective Application of Fertilizer Sprayers in Relationton to Cultivated Crops
ISBN: 978-3-96595-007-8
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The aim of the scientific monograph was to measure and evaluate the time frames,
to determine soil compaction using penetrometric measurement and to evaluate (on the basis of statistical indicators) the impact of fertilization on individual crops in a selected farm. According to the standard STN 47 0120 (Agricultural and forestry machines and tractors. Methods of measuring time and determination of operating indicators), we have measured the time frames and determined the calculation indicators of performance. From the obtained data, we have determined the performance of machines per unit time. After the application of fertilizers, we have evaluated the impact of the agricultural machine on the soil by penetrometric measurement, where we have recorded the highest penetrometric resistance in the years 2016 – 2019, up to 4.7 MPa. As regards the impact of fertilizers on crop yields, nitrogen fertilizers have been shown to have a statistically significant impact on winter wheat yields. In the other two monitored crops – spring barley, oilseed rape – the impact of fertilizers was not statistically proven, but in the case of spring barley we have proved that the height of the crop is influenced by weather conditions (mainly average daily temperature and annual precipitation).

Keywords: soil, fertilization, crops, yield,