ORCID – exact indentification number for every author/editor free of charge instead of DOI

Dear editors, dear authors,

our national library informed us that in future an exact identification number for every author will probably become more important than DOI’s. All great library forces this system ( in Germany called GND and internationally called ORCID see Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORCID) both systems are free of charge.

So we recommend every author/editor to go to https://orcid.org/ ask for that number and then upload his profile and all his publications to the given space. In future the author/editor writes this ORCID-no. to his name in every book and article next to his university address an d his email address. In addition you can send us your ORCID-no/link. Unfortunately we cannot put it into already published articles but we can put it behind your name on our website in case you have published a book with us as author/co-author or editor as soon as possible.

The advantage is that in this way every publication is exactly identified  similar to a DOI and with one special author/editor (e.g. if there are more scientists with the same name). In addition somebody who follows the ORCID-link can see all publications of the author and not only one book/article (like DOI) which helps the author to spread his publications.

This is already standard in natural sciences (Biochemistry, Engineering etc.).

Best regard

Gabi & Jutta

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