Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

1) Please send your article to the following Mail-address: RAM-Verlag@t-online.de.

2) The article should be written in WORD (for further layout), in English.

Each article must contain an abstract and the key-words. Tables, figures and formulas should be numerated.

Font size
Title: 18 pt.
Chapter headings: 14pt.
Text: 12 pt.
Abstracts: 11 pt.
Keywords: 12 pt.
Footnote: 10 pt.

At the top: 2,5 cm
At the bottom: 2,5 cm
Right: 2,5 cm
Left: 2,5 cm

3) If possible, avoid colored figures (make them black-white).

4) The article should not be shorter than 5 pages. There is no upper limit.

5) Insert somewhere your e-mail, university address and – if available – ORCID No./link (please see www.orcid.org.) otherwise you will perhaps not get points for your article.

6) You may submit your article whenever you want. It will pass our Editorial and Peer Review Process.  Insert all formulas, tables and figures in the text. The references should be made according to the known rules. You may add your raw data in form of Appendices.