Collection of Solved Examples in Theoretical Electrical Engineering for Students of Mechanical Engineering

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Collection of Solved  Examples in Theoretical  Electrical Engineering for Students of Mechanical Engineering
Ján Vlnka, Jozefa Červeňová
ISBN: 978-3-96595-010-8
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The publication is intended for students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineer-ing of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, ERASMUS students, for the internationalization of education and science in Slovakia, for academic mobility, within the Central European exchange program for university stud-ies CEEPUS and for general public. The publication complements the theoret-ical knowledge from lectures, deepens and practically shows the knowledge gained in lectures but also by studying the solution of practical tasks that are in line with the focus on the new accreditation program, for students giving comprehensive instructions for solving single-phase circuits. The publication consists of theoretical introduction and solved examples with circuit schemes and the solution of phasor diagrams. The publication presents typical tasks given to students of civil engineering in exams from the former Department of Electrical Engineering, founded in 1962. The publication is, among other things, a tribute to the founder of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Assoc. prof. Eng. Ivan Puzjak, PhD. on the occasion of his undead 92 birth-day.

It is our kind duty to thank all those who have helped us with their experi-ence and advice in preparation, an we believe that the publication will help listeners and general public to cope with the issue of single-phase currents and will be a good aid in the study.

In Bratislava, July 2021